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Junior Academy Summary: Junior Boxing Classes

At Boxing Central, we offer junior classes for boys and girls aged 8-17 yrs with Junior Academy. Your child will learn basic boxing skills and get the fitness benefits of boxing training, with limited contact. It is by the far the safest way to learn boxing. Boxing training in Junior Academy will also give your child self-confidence, stamina, and to top it off – it’s lots of fun!


Your child will always be closely supervised by our Junior Academy boxing coach who ensures the children use proper technique. All participants are required to wear hand wraps underneath their gloves. Hand wraps help prevent children (and adults) form hurting their hands or wrists.


Your child will learn basic boxing skills and the body mechanics needed to perform correct technique. Boxing improves coordination, balance, spatial awareness and focus in children.


Boxing training includes skipping, jogging and lots of exercises. All these activities improve your child’s cardiovascular fitness. Our classes also focus on body-weight exercises such as push-ups and crunches, making boxing training the ideal way to help your child get into peak physical shape.


Boxing offers children several mental benefits that they need in their daily lives. Improved physical health and improved performance during training can build your child’s confidence. In addition, extreme focus is required which can translate into better focus in the classroom and other sports. When young boxers successfully complete rigorous workouts and challenges, they also learn about self-discipline and determination.
Our coaches are committed in shaping the minds and attitudes of our young boxers so they find the strength, determination, and self-discipline needed to succeed in achieving goals in boxing, fitness, and life in general. Many of our parents have said that Junior Academy has given their children real confidence, helping them to achieve in school as well as other sports.


All students are required to do a private one-on-one lesson prior to joining Junior Academy to teach them the basics so they are able to join the rest of the class. This costs $60.00 for the 1 hour lesson and can be booked by emailing the gym: gym@boxingcentral.co.nz

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, every week of the school term
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Term: $300
Casual: $20
10 Concession Card: $200

Spaces are limited. To secure your child’s spot in Junior Academy please enroll for next term below. If you would like to join the current term please call the gym on 09 377 0499.

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