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Free Trial Class
Level: No Previous Boxing Experience – free trial class
Introductory Class to Boxing :
Jabs, Hooks, Upper Cuts, Stance and Base Foot Work

New to Boxing? Book in trial our Boxing Basics Introductory Class to Boxing, where you’ll learn all the basic techniques from your stance, footwork, and 6 punches, to throwing combinations on a bag and pads with abs at the end. Good technique gives a full body workout, prevents injury, and knowing what you’re doing allows you to get the best workout possible!

Online Booking Required.
Note: Age 17 years and over only. For age 16 and under, please refer to our Junior Academy Programme

Requirements: Gloves & Hand Wraps – This is a Health & Safety Requirement. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class to see our reception team if you require these.
Glove Hire $5.00 – Hand wraps $20.00 for purchase.

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