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BoxBasics Summary: Boxing Basics – free trial class

If you’re new to boxing and boxing fitness, or need to brush up on your skills for a better workout, book in for a Boxing Basics Class where you’ll learn basic boxing technique – from your stance, footwork, and 8 punches, to throwing combinations on a bag and pads with abs at the end. Good technique gives a full body workout, prevents injury, and knowing what you’re doing allows you to get the best workout possible! Please Note: Non-members can attend one free class at Boxing Central as a free trial. This is the ideal class to check it out!

Bookings required. Please book below and turn up 5 minutes early for class.

Requirements: You’ll need gloves and hand wraps, this is a Health & Safety requirement. You can hire gloves for $5 and purchase hand wraps for $20 from reception before class.

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