Education:Professional Boxer

Experience:Qualified Personal Trainer


Boxing Instructor / PT


  • Professional middleweight boxer. Currently ranked in the top 5 in New Zealand.
  • Nearly ten years experience in combat sports and martial arts; Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Filipino Knife Fighting (Kali).
  • Started my fitness journey at 115 kilograms and was my lightest at 69 kilograms.
  • Completed a Diploma in Sport Science and Fitness Education
  • Coached Amateur Muay Thai Gold and Silver Medalist for New Zealand, Jacinth Jane Heath Pascua

Jerome is available for private boxing lessons at the gym. Text, email, or call him directly to arrange a suitable time.

Jerome’s Classes

BoxFit Monday 6:00am
BoxFit Tuesday 12:30pm
CrossBox Monday 5:45pm
CrossBox Tuesday 5:45pm
CrossBox Wednesday 5:45pm
CrossBox Thursday 5:45pm
FightClub Tuesday 5:30pm
BoxBasics Monday 6:30pm
BoxBasics Wednesday 6:30pm