Class Type
Sparring Summary: Elite Boxers Group

Sparring is a 1-hour class where you will practice complex boxing drills and spar with a partner. You will be required to wear head gear and a mouth guard. Although choreographed, this is a contact class and a lack of defence will end up with a punch in the face.

As part of our elite boxers group you will master your boxing skills and get the opportunity to become a corporate, amateur, or professional boxer. You will train with one of our experienced boxing coaches, improve your boxing ability and learn the skills necessary to become a good fighter.

Some of our members commit to Sparring as a way to stay fit and focused, and some go on to become amateur or professional boxers. It’s up to you what you want to get out of Sparring.

  • To be eligible to join Sparring you must have approval from the coaches to join.
    (This is not a walk in class open to all, this is a club)

Or, if you are interested in joining, please email at to enquire.

After qualifying for Sparring you may attend classes as part of your Boxing Central gym membership.