Experience:8 years Boxing Experience

Age:027 274 9901


Boxing Instructor


Soraya is a Registered Nurse who started boxing because of its fun and high-intensity way of getting and staying fit and learning self-defence.

She is now a passionate boxer, a professional international judge with Pro-Box NZ, the IBO and WBC, and a top tier instructor.

What started as a fun way of exercising turned into a passionate sport where she got into the ring and became a fighter. She challenged herself and trained hard. Soraya encourages anyone who wants to do the same.

Come and try one of Soraya’s ProBox classes and you’ll get all the cardio you can handle as well as the correct boxing techniques.


Soraya is available for private boxing lessons at the gym. Text, email, or call her directly to arrange a suitable time. Soraya’s one-on-one rates: 60mins @ $60

Soraya’s Classes

ProBox Monday 6:30pm