Education:4 years Boxing Experience

Experience:021 046 8839


Boxing Instructor


I am Ardon England – a creative with experience in dance, fashion, entertainment and boxing. My core values are confidence, strength and empowerment and I carry these throughout my work. I believe in challenging stereotypes and pride myself on creating diverse and unique work. I have a massive passion for boxing and teaching this prompted me to make change within this space and make it a more excepting place for everyone, so I created Pride Box the first ever LGBTQI+ boxing fitness and technique classes here in Aotearoa.

It’s open, safe and inclusive to all LGBTQI+ Whanau and allies and is aimed at building a strong, confident and empowered community while breaking down stigma and discrimination within the boxing industry one punch at a time.

Creating a unique opportunity to improve on existing skills alongside those looking to learn new skills. Working towards promoting a united community, and create a non-judgemental outlet for positive mental health and wellbeing.

The day Pride Box doesn’t need to be a thing is the day my job is done. I am open for one on one training sessions and Group sessions with a focus on the fundamentals, technique and fitness.


Ardon is available for private boxing lessons at the gym. Text, email, or call him directly to arrange a suitable time. Ardon’s one-on-one rates: 30 mins @ $40, 45 mins @ $45, 60 mins @ $50.

Ardon’s Classes

BoxFit Wednesday 5:30pm