Calories Burned
Workout Focus
Level: Beginner
Master the Basics & Improve your Technique
Jabs, Hooks, Upper Cuts, Stance, Basic Foot Work, Basic Combinations, Targets

Whether you’re new to boxing, have recently attended our free trial class or is just looking to refine your technique, Box2x is your ideal choice. Build a solid foundation through our 2 Step Method, work through the fundamentals on our grid and circuit with various drills. The benefits of boxing lie in mastering the technique – knowing how to punch with confidence, hit targets and apply good boxing work ethic. Learn the basics and gain confidence in your style and technique.

Online Booking Required.

Requirements: Gloves & Hand Wraps – This is a Health & Safety Requirement. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class to see our reception team if you require these.
Glove Hire $5.00 – Hand wraps $20.00 for purchase.

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